Hilleberg Nallo 2 Review – The Ultimate Shelter for Extreme Conditions?

The Hilleberg Nallo 2 is a durable, lightweight tent perfect for serious adventurers, excelling in weather resistance and ease of use.
Hilleberg Nallo 2

Hilleberg Nallo 2

Experience Unmatched Durability and Weather Protection with the Hilleberg Nallo 2
The Hilleberg Nallo 2 is a top-tier, durable tent designed for extreme weather conditions, offering excellent weather resistance, lightweight construction, and user-friendly features.


Weather Resistance
Space & Livability
Weight & Packability
Durability & Build Quality
Ventilation & Condensation Management


  • Superior durability
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • User-friendly design


  • High price point
  • Limited interior height
  • Ventilation in extreme cold


Brief Overview

The Hilleberg Nallo 2 is a high-performance, lightweight tent designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Known for its exceptional quality and durability, this tent is built to withstand harsh conditions, making it an excellent choice for activities like backpacking, mountaineering, and long-distance trekking. The Nallo 2 stands out with its unique blend of minimal weight and maximum strength, featuring a tunnel design that offers a great balance of space and stability.

Initial Impressions and Context of Testing

Upon unboxing the Hilleberg Nallo 2, the first thing that strikes you is its compactness and light weight. The tent packs down impressively small, making it easy to carry on extended trips. The materials feel premium, with a robust flysheet and well-constructed poles that promise durability.

I tested the Nallo 2 in various environments, including high-altitude mountain ranges and dense forest trails, under different weather conditions ranging from heavy rain to strong winds and cold nights. This diverse testing context provides a comprehensive understanding of the tent’s performance and reliability in real-world situations.

Key Features at First Glance

  • Tunnel Design: Offers excellent space-to-weight ratio.
  • Kerlon 1200 Fabric: Provides superior strength and durability.
  • DAC Featherlite NSL Poles: Ensure stability and ease of setup.
  • Large Vestibule: Ideal for gear storage and cooking in inclement weather.

These initial observations set the stage for a deeper dive into the technical specifications and performance of the Hilleberg Nallo 2, promising a thorough review of what this tent has to offer for the avid adventurer.

Technical Specifications

Key Features and Technology

Innovative Technologies

The Hilleberg Nallo 2 integrates several innovative technologies designed to enhance its performance and user experience. Here are the key features:

  • Kerlon 1200 Fabric: This high-tenacity, silicone-coated nylon offers exceptional tear strength while remaining lightweight. It’s designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, providing reliable protection against the elements.
  • Tunnel Design: The tent’s tunnel design is optimized for stability and space efficiency. This design ensures a low weight-to-space ratio, making it ideal for backpackers who need to minimize their load without sacrificing comfort.
  • Linked Inner and Outer Tent: The inner and outer tents are connected, allowing for simultaneous pitching. This feature simplifies setup and takedown, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Design and Materials

Thoughtful Design Philosophy

The design of the Hilleberg Nallo 2 reflects a commitment to functionality, durability, and user comfort:

  • Spacious Interior: Despite its lightweight construction, the Nallo 2 offers ample interior space, with a generous vestibule for gear storage and cooking in bad weather.
  • Ventilation: Adjustable vents at both ends of the tent facilitate excellent airflow, reducing condensation build-up and maintaining a comfortable interior climate.
  • Guy Lines and Pegs: High-quality guy lines and pegs ensure the tent remains secure, even in high winds.

Sustainable Materials

Hilleberg is known for its commitment to sustainability, and the Nallo 2 is no exception:

  • Environmentally Friendly Coatings: The silicone coatings used on the fabric are less harmful to the environment compared to traditional PU coatings.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, the Nallo 2 minimizes the need for frequent replacements, reducing environmental impact over time.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Packed Weight: 2.4 kg (5 lbs 5 oz)
  • Inner Height: 100 cm (39 in)
  • Inner Floor Area: 2.8 m² (30.1 ft²)
  • Vestibule Area: 1.2 m² (12.9 ft²)

Included Accessories

The tent comes with several essential accessories:

  • Poles and Pole Bag: Lightweight and durable DAC Featherlite NSL poles.
  • Guy Lines and Pegs: High-quality lines and pegs for secure setup.
  • Stuff Sack: Convenient storage and transportation.

These technical specifications highlight the Hilleberg Nallo 2’s blend of advanced technology, thoughtful design, and high-quality materials, making it a top choice for serious outdoor adventurers seeking reliability and comfort in the wild.

Hilleberg Nallo 2

Performance Evaluation

Fabric Performance


The Hilleberg Nallo 2 excels in breathability, a critical feature for maintaining comfort in various conditions. The tent features strategically placed vents at both ends, which allow for excellent airflow. During testing, the ventilation system proved effective in reducing condensation build-up, even in humid environments. This ensures a dry and comfortable sleeping area, crucial for a good night’s rest in the backcountry.


The Nallo 2 is equipped with Kerlon 1200 fabric, renowned for its waterproof properties. The silicone-coated nylon flysheet offers outstanding water resistance, effectively keeping out rain and moisture. In testing scenarios involving heavy downpours, the tent remained completely dry inside, with no leaks or seepage, showcasing its reliable performance in wet conditions.


The durability of the Hilleberg Nallo 2 is one of its standout features. The Kerlon 1200 fabric is highly tear-resistant, and the DAC Featherlite NSL poles add to the tent’s overall robustness. After extensive use in rugged terrains, including rocky and densely forested areas, the tent showed minimal signs of wear and tear. This durability ensures that the Nallo 2 can withstand the rigors of long-term use, making it a dependable choice for serious adventurers.

Weather Resistance

The Nallo 2 is designed to perform well in a variety of weather conditions. Its aerodynamic tunnel design minimizes wind resistance, and during high-wind conditions, the tent remained stable and secure. The extended vestibule provides additional protection from the elements, making it a versatile shelter for different climates.

Practical Features

Vestibule Space

The large vestibule of the Nallo 2 is one of its most practical features, offering ample space for gear storage and cooking. This added space is particularly useful during bad weather, allowing you to manage your equipment and cook safely without leaving the tent. The vestibule’s design also ensures that wet gear can be stored separately, keeping the sleeping area dry and comfortable.

Setup and Take Down

The tent’s linked inner and outer tent design allows for quick and straightforward setup and takedown. This feature is particularly advantageous in inclement weather, enabling users to pitch the tent quickly and efficiently. The color-coded poles and intuitive design further simplify the process, making it easy even for solo hikers to manage.


Effective ventilation is crucial for comfort, and the Nallo 2 delivers with its well-placed vents. These adjustable vents ensure a constant flow of fresh air, which helps to prevent condensation and maintain a comfortable interior climate. During warm nights, the ventilation system kept the tent cool and comfortable, enhancing overall sleep quality.


The Hilleberg Nallo 2’s performance in terms of fabric quality, waterproofing, durability, and practical features is exemplary. Its advanced materials and thoughtful design ensure that it stands up to the challenges of various outdoor conditions, making it a reliable choice for adventurers who require a high-performing, durable, and versatile tent.

Space and Comfort

Sizing and Space

Interior Space

The Hilleberg Nallo 2 offers ample interior space for two people, making it a comfortable choice for extended trips. The tent’s tunnel design maximizes usable space, providing a generous floor area of 2.8 m² (30.1 ft²). This allows for comfortable sleeping arrangements and enough room to store personal items without feeling cramped. During testing, two adults and their gear fit comfortably, with enough headroom to sit up and move around with ease.

Vestibule Functionality

The large vestibule is a standout feature, adding an additional 1.2 m² (12.9 ft²) of covered space. This area is perfect for storing boots, backpacks, and other gear, keeping the main sleeping area clutter-free and dry. The vestibule also provides a sheltered space for cooking in inclement weather, enhancing the overall camping experience.

Comfort During Various Activities

Sleeping Comfort

The Nallo 2’s interior is designed with comfort in mind. The floor material is durable yet soft, providing a comfortable base for sleeping pads and bags. The tent’s ventilation system, with adjustable vents at both ends, ensures a steady flow of fresh air, reducing condensation and maintaining a comfortable sleeping environment. During colder nights, the tent retained heat well, creating a cozy sleeping space.

Ease of Use

Setting up and taking down the Nallo 2 is straightforward, thanks to its linked inner and outer tent design. This feature not only saves time but also keeps the inner tent dry during setup in wet conditions. The color-coded poles and intuitive design make the process simple, even for solo campers. Personal anecdotes from testing include setting up the tent in under 10 minutes, even in windy conditions, highlighting its user-friendly design.

Practical Features Enhancing Camping Experience

Storage Pockets

The tent includes well-placed internal storage pockets, providing convenient spaces to keep small items like headlamps, maps, and phones within easy reach. These pockets help to keep the interior organized and tidy, which is particularly beneficial during extended stays.

Adjustable Ventilation

The Nallo 2’s ventilation system is highly effective, with large, adjustable vents that ensure excellent airflow. This feature is crucial for preventing condensation, especially in humid environments. Testers found that the tent remained well-ventilated even during warm nights, contributing to a comfortable sleeping experience.


The Hilleberg Nallo 2 excels in providing a spacious and comfortable camping experience. Its well-designed interior, effective ventilation system, and practical features like the large vestibule and internal storage pockets enhance overall comfort. Whether you’re on a long backpacking trip or a weekend camping excursion, the Nallo 2 offers a reliable and comfortable shelter, making it a top choice for serious outdoor enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons


Superior Durability

One of the primary advantages of the Hilleberg Nallo 2 is its exceptional durability. The Kerlon 1200 fabric is incredibly tear-resistant, ensuring that the tent can withstand the rigors of prolonged use in harsh environments. The DAC Featherlite NSL poles further contribute to the tent’s robustness, providing reliable support even in strong winds and adverse weather conditions.

Lightweight and Compact

Despite its robust construction, the Nallo 2 is impressively lightweight, making it an excellent choice for backpackers and mountaineers who need to minimize their load. The tent packs down small, ensuring it doesn’t take up excessive space in your pack, which is crucial for long-distance trekking.

Excellent Weather Resistance

The Nallo 2 offers outstanding weather resistance, thanks to its waterproof Kerlon 1200 fabric and aerodynamic tunnel design. It performs admirably in heavy rain and strong winds, keeping the interior dry and stable. The large vestibule provides additional protection and space for gear storage, which is particularly useful during inclement weather.

User-Friendly Design

The tent’s linked inner and outer design allows for quick and easy setup, even in challenging conditions. The color-coded poles and intuitive structure make the setup process straightforward, reducing stress and saving time. Additionally, the well-placed internal storage pockets and adjustable ventilation enhance overall usability and comfort.


High Price Point

One of the main drawbacks of the Hilleberg Nallo 2 is its high price. The premium materials and advanced design come at a cost, making it a significant investment. While the tent offers excellent value for its quality and performance, the initial expense may be prohibitive for some users.

Limited Interior Height

The Nallo 2’s tunnel design, while efficient and stable, results in a limited interior height. Taller users may find it slightly cramped when sitting up or moving around inside the tent. This limitation is a trade-off for the tent’s lightweight and compact form factor.

Ventilation in Extreme Cold

While the tent’s ventilation system is effective in reducing condensation, it can also lead to increased airflow in extremely cold conditions. This might require additional measures, such as using a warmer sleeping bag, to maintain comfort during winter camping.


The Hilleberg Nallo 2 offers a range of significant advantages, including durability, lightweight construction, excellent weather resistance, and user-friendly design. However, its high price point, limited interior height, and ventilation considerations in extreme cold are factors to consider. Overall, the Nallo 2 is a top-tier tent that excels in demanding conditions, making it a worthwhile investment for serious outdoor enthusiasts.

Comparative Analysis

When comparing the Hilleberg Nallo 2 with other notable tents such as the NEMO Dragonfly Osmo 2 and the MSR Hubba Hubba 2P, several differences and similarities stand out, highlighting the unique strengths and potential trade-offs of each model.

NEMO Dragonfly Osmo 2

The NEMO Dragonfly Osmo 2 is renowned for its lightweight and highly packable design, making it a favorite among ultralight backpackers. At just 1.41 kg (3 lbs 2 oz), it is significantly lighter than the Hilleberg Nallo 2. Despite its lighter weight, the Dragonfly Osmo 2 does not compromise on interior space, offering a spacious interior with near-vertical walls for improved livability. However, in terms of durability and weather resistance, the Nallo 2 has an edge with its Kerlon 1200 fabric, which offers superior tear resistance and robustness in extreme conditions. The Nallo 2’s tunnel design also provides better stability in high winds compared to the freestanding Dragonfly.

MSR Hubba Hubba 2P

The MSR Hubba Hubba 2P is another popular tent that offers a balance between weight and durability. Weighing 1.54 kg (3 lbs 7 oz), it is lighter than the Nallo 2 but slightly heavier than the Dragonfly. The Hubba Hubba 2P is praised for its ease of setup, spacious interior, and excellent ventilation, thanks to its mesh-heavy design. It also features a freestanding design, which can be more convenient for quick setups on varied terrain. However, the Nallo 2 surpasses it in terms of weather resistance and long-term durability. The Nallo 2’s tunnel design and robust materials make it a more reliable choice for expeditions in harsh weather conditions where stability and protection from the elements are paramount.


In summary, while the NEMO Dragonfly Osmo 2 and MSR Hubba Hubba 2P offer lightweight and user-friendly designs, the Hilleberg Nallo 2 stands out for its exceptional durability and weather resistance. The Nallo 2 is a superior choice for adventurers who prioritize robustness and reliability in extreme conditions, whereas the Dragonfly and Hubba Hubba cater more to those seeking a balance between weight and comfort for less demanding environments.


The Hilleberg Nallo 2 is a top-tier tent that excels in durability, weather resistance, and overall performance, making it an excellent investment for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Its robust Kerlon 1200 fabric and stable tunnel design ensure reliable protection in harsh conditions, while its lightweight and compact nature make it suitable for long-distance trekking and mountaineering.

While the high price point may be a deterrent for some, the Nallo 2 offers exceptional value for its quality and longevity. Its user-friendly setup, spacious interior, and practical features, such as the large vestibule and effective ventilation system, enhance comfort and usability in the backcountry.

Ideal for adventurers who require a dependable and versatile shelter, the Hilleberg Nallo 2 stands out as a premier choice for challenging outdoor environments, ensuring you are well-prepared for whatever nature throws your way.

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