REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 Review – Your Dependable Outdoor Shelter

REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 review: A reliable, spacious, and weather-resistant tent perfect for camping and backpacking adventures.
REI Co-op Trail Hut 2

REI Co-op Trail Hut 2

Explore the Comfort and Durability of the REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 Tent
The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 is a spacious, durable, and weather-resistant tent ideal for campers seeking reliable shelter with practical features.


Weather Resistance
Space & Livability
Weight & Packability
Durability & Build Quality
Ventilation & Condensation Management


  • Spacious interior
  • Easy setup
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Effective ventilation
  • Practical features
  • Durable materials


  • Heavier than ultralight tents
  • Larger packed size
  • Smaller rear vestibule
  • Ventilation in cold weather


Brief Overview

The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 is designed as a versatile, user-friendly tent for the avid outdoor enthusiast. Built to comfortably accommodate two people, this tent is perfect for a range of outdoor adventures, from weekend camping trips to extended backpacking excursions. Its key features include a freestanding design, robust weather resistance, and a straightforward setup, making it an attractive option for both seasoned campers and beginners alike.

Initial Impressions and Context of Testing

Upon first inspection, the REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 impresses with its compact and lightweight packaging, ideal for easy transport and storage. The materials feel durable yet lightweight, and the overall construction exudes quality. The included footprint is a nice touch, providing an extra layer of protection for the tent floor and enhancing its longevity.

Testing this tent involved setting it up in various environments, from a mild, serene forest campsite to a more challenging, windy coastal location. The initial setup process was remarkably intuitive, taking only a few minutes thanks to the color-coded poles and clips. This quick assembly is a significant advantage for those arriving at camp after a long day of hiking or when faced with approaching inclement weather.

The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2’s design and ease of use suggest it is crafted with the user in mind, prioritizing both convenience and reliability. These initial impressions set a promising tone for the detailed evaluation of its performance in real-world conditions.

Technical Specifications

Key Features and Technology

The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 boasts several key features that make it stand out in the crowded market of two-person tents. These include:

  • Freestanding Design: Allows for easy setup and repositioning without having to stake the tent first.
  • Double-Wall Construction: Consists of an inner tent and a separate rainfly, enhancing weather resistance and ventilation.
  • Color-Coded Poles and Clips: Simplifies the setup process, making it quick and straightforward.
  • Included Footprint: Protects the tent floor from abrasion and moisture, extending the life of the tent.

Design and Materials

The design and materials of the REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 reflect a careful balance of durability, weight, and functionality.

  • Tent Fabric:
    • Canopy: Made from durable 40-denier ripstop nylon.
    • Rainfly: Crafted from 40-denier ripstop nylon with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish and 1500 mm polyurethane coating.
    • Floor: Constructed from 70-denier taffeta nylon with a 1500 mm polyurethane coating for added waterproofing.
  • Poles: Lightweight and strong aluminum poles that provide robust structural support.
  • Mesh Panels: Strategically placed to maximize airflow and reduce condensation.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Interior Space:
    • Floor Area: 31.7 square feet.
    • Peak Height: 39 inches.
  • Vestibules:
    • Total Vestibule Area: 16.9 square feet (9.6 square feet front, 7.3 square feet rear).
  • Packed Weight: 5 pounds 15 ounces, making it suitable for backpacking trips where weight is a consideration.
  • Packed Size: 7 x 20 inches, which is compact enough to fit in a backpack.

Practical Features

  • Doors and Vestibules: Two doors and two vestibules provide convenient access and ample storage space for gear.
  • Ventilation: Mesh panels and adjustable fly vents promote airflow and minimize condensation.
  • Storage Pockets: Interior pockets help organize small items and keep the tent tidy.

The technical specifications of the REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 highlight its thoughtful design and the use of quality materials, ensuring that it performs well in a variety of outdoor conditions. Whether you’re a novice camper or an experienced backpacker, this tent’s features cater to your needs, promising a reliable and comfortable shelter in the wilderness.

Performance Evaluation

Fabric Performance

  • Breathability: The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 features a double-wall construction with ample mesh panels in the inner tent. This design promotes excellent airflow, reducing the buildup of condensation inside the tent. During testing in humid conditions, the tent maintained a comfortable interior environment, thanks to its effective ventilation system.
  • Waterproofing: The tent’s rainfly and floor are both coated with a 1500 mm polyurethane finish, providing robust protection against rain. During a heavy downpour, the tent remained completely dry inside, with no leaks or water penetration. The included footprint further enhances waterproofing by adding an extra barrier between the ground and the tent floor.
  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality ripstop nylon, the Trail Hut 2 demonstrates impressive durability. The 40-denier canopy and rainfly, combined with the 70-denier floor, withstand abrasion and resist tearing. This durability was evident during a week-long backpacking trip over rugged terrain, where the tent showed no signs of wear despite being pitched on rocky surfaces.

Weather Resistance

  • Wind Resistance: The aluminum poles and secure guyline attachments provide excellent stability in windy conditions. During testing on a coastal campsite with strong gusts, the tent remained stable and intact, showing no signs of stress or deformation.
  • Rain and Storms: In addition to waterproofing, the tent’s aerodynamic shape helps it shed wind and rain effectively. The rainfly extends well beyond the tent body, ensuring that rainwater is directed away from the sleeping area. This feature, combined with the well-designed vestibules, kept gear and occupants dry during intense rainstorms.

Practical Features

  • Doors and Vestibules: The two doors allow easy access for both occupants, reducing the need to climb over each other. The vestibules provide ample space for storing gear, keeping the interior of the tent clutter-free and maximizing sleeping space. The front vestibule is particularly spacious, accommodating larger packs and boots comfortably.
  • Zippers: The tent’s zippers are robust and operate smoothly without snagging. This reliability is crucial in inclement weather when quick access to the tent interior is necessary. The zippers also feature glow-in-the-dark pulls, making them easy to locate at night.
  • Ventilation: Adjustable fly vents and large mesh panels work together to ensure continuous airflow, which is particularly beneficial in warm weather. This feature significantly reduces condensation, even when the rainfly is deployed.

The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 performs admirably across various conditions, proving itself as a reliable and versatile shelter for outdoor adventures. Its robust construction, effective weather resistance, and practical features make it a standout choice for hikers and campers seeking a dependable tent.

Fit and Comfort

Sizing and Fit

  • Spacious Interior: The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 is designed to comfortably accommodate two adults, offering a generous floor area of 31.7 square feet and a peak height of 39 inches. This ample space allows occupants to sit up and move around without feeling cramped, which is particularly beneficial during extended stays or inclement weather when time spent inside the tent increases.
  • Vestibule Space: The two vestibules add significant storage space, totaling 16.9 square feet. This additional area is perfect for stowing backpacks, boots, and other gear, helping to keep the sleeping area uncluttered and comfortable.

Comfort During Various Activities

  • Sleeping Comfort: The tent’s rectangular floor plan provides enough room for two standard sleeping pads to be laid side by side without overlapping. The even surface and secure pitch ensure a comfortable sleeping environment, free from the discomfort of lumps or uneven ground. Users can rest assured that their gear will stay dry and their sleep will be uninterrupted, even in adverse conditions.
  • Easy Access: The dual-door design enhances comfort by allowing each occupant to enter and exit the tent without disturbing their tentmate. This feature is particularly valuable during nighttime bathroom breaks or early morning departures. The large door openings also facilitate easy loading and unloading of gear.
  • Ventilation: The strategically placed mesh panels and adjustable fly vents significantly enhance comfort by ensuring a steady flow of fresh air. During warmer nights, the excellent ventilation helps maintain a cool and comfortable interior, while in colder conditions, the vents can be adjusted to minimize drafts while still reducing condensation.
  • Interior Features: The Trail Hut 2 includes several thoughtful interior features that enhance comfort and convenience. Multiple interior pockets provide easy access to small items like headlamps, phones, and snacks, keeping them organized and within reach. The gear loft loops offer additional storage options for items like lanterns or wet clothes.

Versatility for Different Conditions

  • Adaptability: The tent’s design makes it adaptable to a range of activities and environments. Whether you’re on a short weekend camping trip or a multi-day backpacking expedition, the Trail Hut 2 offers the comfort and space needed for a restful night’s sleep.

The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 excels in providing a comfortable and accommodating shelter for two. Its spacious interior, easy access, and thoughtful features ensure a pleasant experience, whether you’re braving the elements on a rugged trail or enjoying a peaceful night under the stars. This tent’s design prioritizes user comfort, making it an excellent choice for a variety of outdoor adventures.

Pros and Cons


  • Spacious Interior: The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 offers a generous amount of space for two occupants, with ample headroom and floor area. This makes it comfortable for both sleeping and moving around.
  • Ease of Setup: The color-coded poles and clips make setup straightforward and quick, even for solo campers. The freestanding design allows for easy repositioning without needing to stake the tent first.
  • Weather Resistance: With a robust 1500 mm polyurethane coating on the rainfly and floor, the tent provides excellent waterproofing. It performs well in heavy rain and wind, keeping occupants dry and secure.
  • Ventilation: The double-wall construction, mesh panels, and adjustable fly vents ensure excellent airflow, reducing condensation and maintaining a comfortable interior climate.
  • Practical Features: Two doors and vestibules enhance convenience, providing easy access and ample gear storage. The zippers are durable and feature glow-in-the-dark pulls, making them easy to use at night.
  • Durability: The tent’s high-quality materials, including 40-denier ripstop nylon and aluminum poles, ensure it withstands the rigors of outdoor use, from rocky terrain to windy conditions.


  • Weight: At nearly 6 pounds, the Trail Hut 2 is heavier than some ultralight backpacking tents. This might be a consideration for those prioritizing minimal pack weight on long treks.
  • Packed Size: The tent’s packed size, while manageable, is larger than some other two-person tents designed for backpacking. This can take up more space in a backpack, potentially limiting packing efficiency.
  • Single Vestibule Size: While the front vestibule is spacious, the rear vestibule is smaller, which might limit gear storage options and accessibility for the second occupant.
  • Ventilation in Cold Weather: Although the tent’s ventilation is excellent in warm weather, it might require careful adjustment in colder conditions to prevent drafts while minimizing condensation.

The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2’s strengths in space, durability, and weather resistance make it a reliable and comfortable choice for a range of outdoor activities. However, its weight and packed size may be considerations for those focusing on ultralight backpacking. Overall, it offers great value for those seeking a durable and spacious two-person tent.

Comparative Analysis

REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 vs. NEMO Dragonfly Osmo 2

When comparing the REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 to the NEMO Dragonfly Osmo 2, several key differences and similarities stand out. The NEMO Dragonfly Osmo 2, like the Trail Hut 2, is designed for two occupants and excels in providing a balance of lightweight design and durability. However, the Dragonfly Osmo 2 is notably lighter, weighing in at approximately 3 pounds, compared to the Trail Hut 2’s 6 pounds. This significant weight difference makes the Dragonfly Osmo 2 a more appealing option for backpackers who prioritize a lighter load.

Both tents offer excellent weather resistance, but the Dragonfly Osmo 2 features an innovative Osmo fabric, which boasts enhanced water repellency and reduced stretch when wet. This gives it a slight edge in severe weather conditions. Additionally, the Dragonfly’s higher vestibule space and larger doors provide more accessible gear storage and entry points, enhancing overall convenience and comfort.

REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 vs. MSR Hubba Hubba 2P

Comparing the REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 with the MSR Hubba Hubba 2P highlights differences in weight, space, and versatility. The MSR Hubba Hubba 2P is renowned for its lightweight design, coming in at around 3.5 pounds, making it a favorite among ultralight backpackers. The Hubba Hubba 2P also offers a more spacious interior for its weight, thanks to its optimized pole structure and nearly vertical walls, providing better livability and comfort.

In terms of weather resistance, both tents perform admirably, but the Hubba Hubba 2P’s Xtreme Shield waterproof coating provides a longer-lasting water-resistant performance. However, the Trail Hut 2’s inclusion of a footprint in the purchase is a notable advantage, offering added floor protection without an extra cost.

Overall, while the REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 offers excellent durability and space, the NEMO Dragonfly Osmo 2 and MSR Hubba Hubba 2P stand out for their lighter weights and innovative designs, making them more suitable for ultralight backpacking and extended trekking where every ounce counts.


The REI Co-op Trail Hut 2 is a reliable and versatile tent that offers a great balance of space, durability, and weather resistance at an accessible price point. Its user-friendly setup, robust construction, and thoughtful features make it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced campers. While its weight and packed size might be a consideration for ultralight backpackers, the Trail Hut 2’s comfort and practicality make it well-suited for a wide range of outdoor adventures, from weekend camping trips to extended backpacking excursions. Overall, the Trail Hut 2 provides impressive value for money, delivering a dependable and comfortable shelter that performs well in various conditions. It’s particularly ideal for campers seeking a spacious and durable tent without breaking the bank.

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